Green Lab Ltd.

Green Lab Ltd. is the first spin off company, founded by a special purpose vehicle – the Innovation Center of the University of Agriculture in Krakow Ltd.

The company was originally founded by 9 entities – in addition to the special purpose vehicle of the University of Agriculture Hugo Kołłątaj in Kraków, 8 seed breeding companies belonging to the Treasury Agricultural Property Agency became partners.

Currently, shares in Green Lab Ltd. (apart from the Innovation Center of the University of Agriculture in Krakow Ltd.) have 40 KOWR companies – these are companies on the list of strategic companies of the State, due to their scope of activity, primarily due to their scope of activity in the area of conservative and development of Polish farms vegetable and animal.

In 2019, Agrochem Puławy – part of Grupa Azoty, and Green Lab Ltd., signed an Agreement on commercial cooperation and joint research and development projects. The agreement was signed at the headquarters of KOWR by the president of Agrochem Puławy Michał Lange and the president of Green Lab Ltd. Maciej Czajkowski, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski and the General Director of KOWR Grzegorz Pięta. From this moment, Green Lab Ltd. acts on behalf of 41 breeding and growing companies belonging to KOWR, analyzing their needs, conducting bidding procedures and negotiating prices.

Green Lab Ltd. is an active participant in the joint program of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and PKN Orlen – „Together, we fuel Polish agriculture”. The expression of these actions was, among others signing of an agreement with ORLEN Paliwa for the purchase of Diesel Oil for KOWR companies.

Contact details:

Green Lab Ltd.
4 Inflancka street, 00-189 Warsaw
NIP 676-247-48-40
REGON 123088726
KRS 00000 505781
Share capital: 1 362 000,00 zł


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