Aug 29, 2020 | INCUBATOR OF INNOVATION 2.0, News

The project “Incubator of Innovation 2.0” contributed to the financing of 9 selected R&D works. Today we present a project entitled “The use of furcelleran films for the production of processed meat”, headed by Dr. Marzena Zając, Prof. UR.

According to the new regulations of the European Union, in the next few years the food packaging industry will have to withdraw from the market some single-use products made of plastic, such as straws, plates and cutlery. As the public is used to using these products, it seems appropriate to replace plastic with biodegradable material. This will reduce the environmental nuisance associated with generating large amounts of waste.

As a result of research on active furcelleran-whey films cross-linked with plant extracts, it was found that they have antioxidant and bacteriostatic effects. These films are flexible enough to wrap the food product in them – they do not break, crumble or break. The films contain bioactive compounds, which significantly affects their operation. The research showed a positive effect of furcelleran-whey films on the durability of perishable products and the slowing down of oxidation processes. These films are biodegradable and edible, which is important due to the growing problem of waste management and environmental protection.

The use of edible films allows you to avoid the use of plastic packaging and protect the product against recontamination. The presented solution is innovative on a global scale. Currently, the market does not use edible, biodegradable and active packaging.

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Grant Supervisor (Technology Broker): mgr inż. Wojciech Przywała

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The aim of the project “Incubator of Innovation 2.0” is to support the process of managing the results of scientific research and development works, in particular with regard to their commercialization. The implementation of the program should contribute to the promotion of scientific achievements, increasing their impact on the development of innovation and strengthening cooperation between the scientific community and the economic environment.

The project called “Incubator of Innovation 2.0” is carried out as part of an out-of-competition project “Support for the management of scientific research and commercialization of R&D results in research units and enterprises” under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 (Measure 4.4). The total value of the Project is PLN 1,210,000.