Help and advice in establishing and running technology companies based mainly on intellectual property generated at the University (spin-off companies).

We are support for scientists, entrepreneurs and investors in establishing and running technology companies whose object of activity is development and implementation of innovative technologies created at the University of Agriculture Hugo Kołłątaj in Krakow.

We help in choosing the right commercialization path for a given technological solution developed at the University, and we also check the correctness of concluded contracts. We advise on formal and legal matters related to the establishment and operation of a newly created company.

In particular, we can help in the field of:

  • Choosing the model of a newly created technology company,
  • Intellectual property management, created at the University,
  • Acquiring partners for cooperation and connecting business and academic environments (extensive network of contacts to industrial partners, creators of new technologies, investors and industry specialists),
  • Preparation of documents necessary to establish a company,
  • After company registration – assistance in current operations.