The Night of Innovations at the University of Agriculture in Krakow!

Oct 11, 2020 | INCUBATOR OF INNOVATION 2.0, News

During this year’s Night of Innovations, Technology Broker – MSc. Wojciech Przywała, presented the achievements and current activities that are undertaken at the university’s Technology Transfer Center.

The topic of the webinar was “Innovations and inventions at the University of Agriculture in Krakow”. During the online meeting, which took place on 10/10/2020, the most interesting innovations and inventions created at the University of Agriculture were presented. The presented technologies and products were mainly the result of the implementation of the project “Innovation Incubator 2.0”, which was carried out at the University. As part of this project, pre-implementation works were carried out, the aim of which is to commercialize the results of R&D works.


The Night of Innovations was the culmination of the Digitization Festival on 01-10.10.2020. During the Night of Innovations, the largest research and development centers, companies, institutions and universities in Poland opened their virtual doors.

The Digitization Festival is the largest educational and technological initiative in Poland, the main goal of which is to familiarize the public with knowledge about new technologies and digitization. This is the time when anyone can enter the digital world, get to know the most innovative places in the country up close and see where technologies are born.

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See you next year!