2 startups from our University in the national final of the “Innovation Prizes” competition!

Jul 4, 2020 | News

Already this coming Tuesday (07.07.2020) at 16:00 the national final of the “Innovation Prizes” competition organized by EIT Food will take place.

2 startups from our University qualified for the final! The first is BIO-FILMS, represented by a team consisting of: dr inż. Ewelina Jamróz, dr inż. Marzena Zając, prof. UR, dr inż. Joanna Tkaczewska, prof. UR, dr inż. Piotr Kulawik, prof. UR, as well as a technology broker MSc. Wojciech Przywała. The second startup – Hugo – Autonomus Farm Rover – is represented, among others, by dr hab. Eng. Agnieszka Klimek-Kopyra, prof. UR, dr inż. Tomasz Czech, prof. UR, mgr Wojciech Borówka – innovation broker, mgr inż. Wojciech Przywała – a technology broker.

The first solution (BIO-FILMS) concerns natural, biodegradable and edible films for packaging food products, which in addition have antioxidant properties!

You can read about this solution here

The second solution (Hugo – Autonomus Farm Rover) is an innovation dedicated to agriculture. It is an autonomous Hugo rover that is used for post-emergence plant biostimulation in field conditions.

You can read more about this invention here

We encourage you to participate in the online event and vote for startups from the University of Agriculture in Krakow! The EIT Food Competition “Innovation Prizes” is one of the largest startup competitions in the agri-food industry in Southern and Eastern Europe. This year, the final of the online competition will take place in 17 countries of Southern and Eastern Europe. At the Polish final of the EIT Food “Innovation Prizes”, the jury will select the three most innovative and promising startups from the agri-food industry and will award them prizes of 1000, 3000 and 5000 euros. 💸

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💻 LIVE broadcast 🔴 on YouTube – LIVE

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We keep our fingers crossed for our teams! 🏆